Acquisition Criteria

We seek opportunistic investments that allow us to add value through some combination of improved management, renovation, repositioning, and/or capital restructuring.  We are flexible and able to pursue projects both independently and in a joint venture structure.  Below are our general investment guidelines:

  • Urban infill locations with proximity to public transit and/or walkable communities
  • Located in home markets of Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and major cities in Florida and Texas
  • Total project size of $5 - 50 MM
  • Perform independently or with strategic joint-venture partner
  • Opportunity to create value for our investors through management efficiencies, renovation, redevelopment, repositioning, adaptive reuse, or capital restructuring
  • Exit strategy as residential rental or condo conversion
  • Hold period of 2-7 years

We recognize every project is unique with its own risk profile and opportunities, and we evaluate each project independently on a case-by-case basis.